It was in 1995 when the founder and the President of the company, Mr. Zsombor FERENCZ realized that in spite of the quick changes of Eastern Europe, because of the poor communication issues, the economical development of the region was slow down.

Therefore, Extol Com SRL was established in order to meet the foreign company’s demand to enter the Romanian and Hungarian market. We think that whoever has chosen Extol Com to cooperate with, for business development, he has been satisfied because of the honest, precise and realistic support he has got. 

Since the middle 90’s, the Internet and the social media has changed the world, but there are details which still are the same as it was before:

– people are thinking different
– local language has it’s own role
– face to face contact is needed
– customers require the best support

So, we believe that the role of Extol Com SRL has remained very important on the market, working as a business representative and distributor for foreign companies having deals in Romania and Hungary.

We’ll be pleased to get your requirement. Don’t hesitate to contact us.